When Instagram Ain’t Enough: Toya And Memphitz Tease New Reality Series

memphitz toya reality show When Instagram Aint Enough: Toya And Memphitz Tease New Reality Series

All it takes is a family member following you around with a flip-cam and a few poorly-lit confessionals on your sofa and you too can have your own reality series. Just ask Mickey “Memphitz” Wright and his wife Toya Wright.

It has been speculated by your cousins living outside I-285 for a while now that the couple has been filming a reality show showcasing their life as a blended family, and now a sneak peek at the forthcoming series, tentatively titled ‘Toya & Memphitz: Crazy In Love’, has surfaced.

Will the show prove that The Harrises aren’t the only family capable of getting their hustle on? Probably not, but we will be sure to wish them the best the next time we spot them in the food court at South Dekalb Mall. Unless you are K. Michelle go ahead and hit play after the jump.

With no details on which network picked up the show or when it will air, it’s safe to assume the show is still being shopped.  Would you watch ‘Crazy in Love’?

| post by Lita [@LitaSoFli]