Yes, You Care: Ciara Is Messing With The Church’s Money

future ciara Yes, You Care: Ciara Is Messing With The Churchs Money

If you have ever slammed a car door before yelling “Don’t fuck up my check because you ain’t getting one!” at your significant other because they were late picking you up for work, this post was written specifically with you in mind.

Las Vegas club promoter Cliff Dutton is suing Future for $36,000 because he was a no show for a scheduled appearance at Club Pulse due to his boo Ciara‘s diva demands. Blasphemy!

According to Dutton, after arriving in Sin City Ciara refused to set her pretty little mangled toes in a stretch limo sent by the club, demanding that Greenbriar Mall’s first couple be picked up in a SUV instead. These new bitches swear they’re Norwood Young. More details after the jump!

Via Rhymes With Snitch:

After the SUV’s showed up Ciara still wasn’t satisfied and she and Future skipped the gig altogether opting to go out to dinner instead.

After missing the show, the promoter had Ciara and Future evicted from their hotel room, and that’s when he received a call from Future’s manager Rocko Da Don, who placed the blame squarely on Ciara.

Cliff Dutton tells the Breakfast Club, “I don’t give a damn about Ciara. I didn’t book Ciara.”

This would have been Future’s first appearance in Las Vegas.  

Cliff Dutton and Pulse club owner KiKi are suing Future for the return of their $36,000 advance plus expenses.

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