The “Say Something Nice” Challenge: Flavor Flav Appears In Court

flav2 The Say Something Nice Challenge: Flavor Flav Appears In Court

Get into Carol’s Other Daughter, naturalistas! That twist out has been sitting on the curb for days and it’s time to call the city to come pick it up.

A Las Vegas judge scheduled a September trial for 54-year-old Talented Tenth leader Flavor Flav on felony charges he chased and threatened his longtime girlfriend’s son with a knife during a family argument last October.

Defense attorney Tony Abbatangelo has said he’ll plead not guilty to the felony assault with a weapon and child endangerment charges.

Flav ran after the 17-year-old with a butcher knife (it’s not funny) and threatened to kill him for trying to intervene in an argument he was having with his mother, according to investigators from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Hey, you’ve got to squeeze in 30 minutes of solid cardio by any means.

A local judge who heard the teen testify at a preliminary hearing last month decided there is enough evidence for Count Blackula to stand trial in state court. Welp, good luck.

flav The Say Something Nice Challenge: Flavor Flav Appears In Court

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