Style Jury: Wiz Khalifa

wiz style Style Jury: Wiz Khalifa

Between spending time with his new little loud pack of joy and staying higher than those notes K-Ci thought he was hitting over in London, pulling together a decent outfit is clearly the last thing on Wiz Khalifa‘s mind.

While we are willing to overlook the Taylor Gang general’s decision to rock fiancée Amber Rose’s sweatpants and all-purpose stud top to the surprise 25th birthday party for Big Sean last night, the citizens of Crunkland aren’t letting him off the hook that easy.

Detrice: That baby has him messed up already. Big difference staying up all night getting high and making music compared to parenting that infant.

Tony: When did Wiz start dressing like a Cree Summer during the 80′s?

Ashley: Bringing Bill Cosby sweaters to the 21st century. Shout out to passing the torch.

What’s your verdict on his style?