Cassie Hits The Club In Miami, Drops “Numb” Trailer Featuring Rick Ross

cassie snoop1 Cassie Hits The Club In Miami, Drops Numb Trailer Featuring Rick Ross

Wearing one of her man’s sultriest maxi dresses, Cassie was gorgeous for her appearance at Bamboo in Miami last night. The 26-year-old model / singer partied it up with Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg and other folks with hard faces and permanently flared nostrils at the Ciroc-sponsored event.

Mouf Breeva’s official girl recently released a teaser to her forthcoming mixtape, #RockaByeBaby, which is due April 11th. Fret not, Kim Porter. Your baby hair will continue to remain sound due to your indelible legacy in perm box history.

Grab your edgy sunglasses and watch the 45-second music video trailer for “Numb” featuring Rick Ross after the jump! Or not.

Club Nights With Cassie