News Break: Man Ordered To Wear Sign Saying He Didn’t Pay Child Support

otis lloyd News Break: Man Ordered To Wear Sign Saying He Didnt Pay Child Support

The NAACP is looking into a case where a Mississippi father was ordered by a judge to wear a sign stating he hasn’t coughed up cash for child support. Now you understand why I alway say that it’s cold in these parking lots.

Scott County Chancery Judge David Clark ordered Otis Lloyd to wear a sign saying “I haven’t paid child support and I’m in contempt of court” in complete silence for three hours, three days a week until he can pay more than the $13,000 he owes.

Lloyd’s mother says that her son has cancer and shouldn’t be exposed to the elements, like he is while standing outside the courthouse with his sign. According to her, Lloyd stopped paying his child support after he was diagnosed with cancer.

The NAACP is considering taking up his case. Watch a news report below!

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