Cheat Sheet: ‘Love & Sofrito’ Reunion Drama Update

Tahiry dialed into Hot 97 and Power 105.1 to confirm that she put hands on Consequence after he sucker punched Joe Budden during the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ 3 reunion show taping.

tahiry Cheat Sheet: Love & Sofrito Reunion Drama Update

She wasn’t the only one spilling the beans on-air this drama-filled week.

Consequence revealed to Angie Martinez that he accidentally hit Tahiry during his attack on Joe, and that Jen The Pen picked up Joe Budden’s phone while the initial scuffle was going down.

Joe, I guess because he was so excited, he left his phone at the crime scene. The thing is, you’re going to love where this is going — I’m making sure I’ve got everything that I need to have and look what I got, Jen showed me his phone.

Look, first text, it’s from Raqi Thunda. Next call and text, from Kaylin. Then there’s a Rita person. Then there’s somebody named Derek. And Derek is basically saying, “Don’t do anything stupid. We’re hanging on by a thin thread. I will come see you after the reunion. I love you and I miss you.” And I guess he must have told Derek “Hey, why don’t you come to London Wednesday?” And then there’s emoticons of an engagement ring and a baby.

Here’s what I’m saying, we live in New York. It’s 2013. We never met anyone named Derek on any episode so I think we should make ‘Who’s Derek’ a trending topic. Ain’t no cameras Angie. And here’s the thing, I was so disgusted I broke the phone. I just threw it, broke it. Listen, but I still got proof. I still got proof. Don’t get it twisted. I don’t lie. I’m man enough to say I don’t know if Derek is actually a man, but I’m going to tell you this, when homeboy gets back, Joey, you got some explaining to do.

joe1 Cheat Sheet: Love & Sofrito Reunion Drama Update

But why does Tahiry seem so invested in Joe’s beef with Cons? Well, word on the curb is that the two are “working on seeing each other again”, according to The YBF, and were spotted holding hands during the reunion taping.

The website also reports that Joe dished that his latest girlfriend Kaylin has moved out of his house on the special . . . though photos posted on their Instagram accounts suggest that the lives of the two are still very much connected.

You, me and she. What we going to do baby? (This throwback track from Eve is about Stevie J, by the way.)