Nick Cannon Should Play The Real Rick Ross In A Biopic, Said No One Ever

nick cannon1 Nick Cannon Should Play The Real Rick Ross In A Biopic, Said No One Ever

Nick Cannon was selected by “Freeway” Rick Ross to star as the former drug kingpin in an upcoming biopic. Raise your hand if you are lost like shit.

Cannon appeared alongside Ross in a YouTube video posted to Ross’ Facebook page on Monday to announce the biopic. Director and screenwriter Nick Cassavetes is set to pen the script, according to the post.

“I’ve been wanting him to play my role since ’96,” Ross revealed of Cannon in the video. “We got hooked up, I met him … I loved his personality.”

Added Cannon: “This is history in the making right here. We family now. We gonna get this thing right however long it take. The story gotta be told. The real Rick Ross.”

The brief video offers little other information regarding the planned film, but does note in a caption that the script will be penned by the “writer of Blow” (Cassavetes did indeed co-write the screenplay to the Johnny Depp starrer), and includes the following description: “This is more than a movie it’s a movement. This is the story of the real Scarface.”

It’s unclear whether the biopic has secured financing. [via]

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“It’s a movement.” Too easy.

To Nick’s semi-credit, I watch ‘Drumline’ each time it airs on network television. I’ve got a soft spot for the vocal talents of Blu Cantrell and Petey Pablo. I still don’t know what Petey was screaming at the Battle of The Bands competition other than “tra-tra-tra-train coming!”

Ross tells MTV News that he considered other actors to play him in the flick but ultimately chose Nick because of his drive to see the project through.

“I spoke to Will Smith about the role. I had a couple meetings with Jamie Foxx about it. Larenz Tate, I was really serious about Larenz,” he said. “I spoke to Don Cheadle a couple of times about it. Columbus Short, I really, really liked Columbus Short for the role, but at the end of the day Nick’s willing to help me build the project. He’s willing to get in the trenches and roll up his sleeves and fight because I still wanna have some control.”

The Nick Cassavetes-directed film will focus on Ross’ early years on the street, between the ages of 17-25, so the 32-year old makes more sense than the more mature Will Smith. “I been watching Nick since like ’96 when I was in custody in San Diego and that was one of the times when I was at my most tuneless time with the world, because I was incarcerated and I also had a life sentence,” he said citing “Drumline” as his favorite Cannon flick. “He just reminds me of myself, just he took a different turn, he went to entertainment and I went to the streets.”