Funky Dineva Responds To Sheree Whitfield’s Restraining Order: Chile, Cheese

sheree dineva1 Funky Dineva Responds To Sheree Whitfields Restraining Order: Chile, Cheese

I always miss out on all the fun!

Wig wearing purveyor of all things pop culture Funky Dineva is weighing in about being a member of the most exclusive social clubs in the country: bloggers reportedly hit with temporary restraining orders from Sheree Whitfield for allegedly sneaking around Chateau No Way without permission.

Its time for me to stand up in my truth and be honest with my audience: I’m in dire need of a scandal or internet beef to break through the glass ceiling over my head. I’m trying to take my brand to the next level too, shit. So, that’s my 2013 goal.

In February, a judge granted Marmaduke temporary restraining orders against the YouTube star, real name Quentin Latham, and celebrity blogger Michelle Brown of Straight From The A. The former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star was also granted a restraining order against blogger Tamara Brawner, who she claims has been invading her privacy since 2011 by trespassing on her property in order to write about the construction of Old National Highway’s answer to Neverland Ranch.

Tamara was ordered to stay at least 500 yards away from Sheree while Dineva and Brown (better known as ATLien around the blogsphere) were ordered to keep their distance at 200 yards.

ATLien tells TMZ that she and Dineva never trespassed onto Sheree’s property and any footage posted on their blog websites were taken from the street, near the stop sign.

“I have not been served with any legal documentation but my attorneys and I anxiously await its arrival,” she adds.

Read Dineva’s response to Sheree’s restraining order stunts and shows below.

Chile Cheese Miss Sheree’ My guess is that Sheree’ must be bored and has absolutely nothing to do with her time. A restraining order? Really? Why Now? Is Sheree trying to stay in the press so she can sell more Kitsy Lane She By Sheree jewelry? I’m confused.

The very first Chateau Sheree’ Expose’ was filmed almost a year ago. April 12, 2012 to be exact, so why a restraining order now? Mind you at the time we went out there the poorly constructed ply wood property didn’t legally belong to Sheree. The property was not listed in her name. Hell quiet as its kept, i don’t know who’s house we were standing in front of.  Mind you, The Doll never set foot on the Neverland property. Myself and ATLien were standing near the bus stop, near the street, on the busy route. See for yourself!

I outta file a lawsuit against Sheree for all them damn ants that was down there by the street on the busy route near the bus stop. Anyway, this video has been out for almost a year and no restraining order? So why now?

The Second Chateau Sheree’ Expose’ video was published on January 22, 2013. Again, The Doll was back on the street corner, near the bus stop, on the busy route. This time around the ants were gone. Perhaps MARTA killed the ants considering how close the ant bed was to the bus stop.

Aside from standing near the bus stop, near the curb, on a busy route, no one lives in the pile of poorly constructed ply wood. I’m kinda lost as to why Sheree’ needs a restraining order. The Doll has threatened your life and safety by standing near the bus stop, in front of a construction zone, for a piece of property that isn’t even habitable? Then again, she took Bob Whitfield to court for everything under the sun, so i guess it does not have to make sense in her world. The nerve of her! I did a praise dance for prosperity and everything and the thanks I get is a restraining order? Again, why now?

Here’s the one thing that completely takes the cake. Super Bowl Sunday, I’m at Nessa’s house, shortly after halftime, and in walks Sheree’. Chile, Me, Nessa, and Sheree’ kiki’d and carried on like it was nobodies business. Sheree’ and I even discussed me potentially interviewing her. She even went on to say “yeah we can do it, get my number and we’ll set it up”. And if you think I’m lying, i got the pictures to prove it.