Yes, You Care: Mimi Faust Confirms Altercation With K. Michelle

mimi faust Yes, You Care: Mimi Faust Confirms Altercation With K. Michelle

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ is months away from airing but the on-camera drama is unfolding by the day. To quote esteemed trap folk hero turned movie star Curtis Snow, “It can be a rape, shooting, or robbery. No matter what keep that muthafucka rolling, don’t never turn it off.”

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Behind the scenes at her sold out show at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City earlier this week, K. Michelle proved her ratchet prowess by punching allegedly Mimi Faust in the face following an argument.

Peeved with reports around the web suggest that K. Michelle hit her so hard in the face that it sent her to the hospital with a busted eardrum, Mimi has gone on the defense by releasing a statement on the altercation.

It’s 2013! Your 15-year-old cousin’s PR people reach out to their friends with a mass text in the morning when they have lunch detention at school that day. Don’t judge.

“Recalling all of the past incidents with K. Michelle and other cast members, she never seems to wants to talk things out; the end results are always violent. That’s not the type of person I am and to continue to fight with K. Michelle would have been pointless,” said Mimi in the statement distributed this morning.

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The statement also reads, “Ms. Faust is currently unharmed and never went to the hospital to be treated for a busted eardrum. The incident started in the dressing room where K. Michelle simply hit Ms. Faust with flowers after seeming a little irritated with questions about earlier statements made in a prior interview. However, there were no damages done. In actuality, Ms. Faust left the venue and continued her night by visiting and enjoying herself in other New York City prestigious venues.”

K. Michelle isn’t backing away from her comments on The Breakfast Club that Mimi’s new boyfriend is on the down low.

— K.Michelle (@kmichelle) February 21, 2013


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