Failure To Launch: Shawty Lo Drops “Petition” Music Video

Fresh off the heels of his Career Day appearance at an Atlanta area middle school last week, Shawty Lo borrows a handful of random children and dollar bills for his new music video “Petition.” The title of the track is clearly Bowen Homes Carlos’ unabashed attempt at striking while the iron is hot in the face of backlash concerning his cancelled reality show, ‘All My Baby Mamas’.

“I made the news, ain’t commit no crime / But she hating on me, ’bout me and mine / I gotta lot of baby mamas, from A to Z / I count ‘em all up, like 1, 2, 3,” he raps in a staccato rhyme flow before tipping his A-Town fitted to each of his BM’s by name and reiterating his status at the bank.

tumblr m9lulg1yvd1ruav3u Failure To Launch: Shawty Lo Drops Petition Music Video

Celebrate Black History Month by watching the video above.