Reality Rewind: Jen The Pen Is White. Honey, It Will Get Done.

jen the pen Reality Rewind: Jen The Pen Is White. Honey, It Will Get Done.

Against my better judgement, I tuned into ‘Love & Sofrito’ last night when I should have instead been catching up on hood fights and answering a Popeyes online questionnaire in order to redeem a free two piece meal this week. You have your priorities and I have mine.

Now I am left with the daunting task of covering a topic I will never know shit about: the perks of white entitlement. This is what a means to an end has become for me. Stay in school, kids. Thankfully, my copy and paste game has never been more flawless.

Via Hip Hop Wired:

Jen The Pen has some explaining to do. During last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, the Staten Island native got into a heated argument with Raqi Thunda about hosting a radio show together. Near its conclusion it resulted in some uncomfortable banter surrounding the advantages of being a white girl in society and race in general.

Early in the show, Jen The Pen and Raqi Thunda auditioned for a spot on Hot 97. The former felt a ways because she felt like the latter dominated the convo and shut her out during the segment. Of course the two tried to talk things out, which quickly turned into petty and loud arguing.

After Raqi threw in a verbal jab by saying, “Have fun trying to get hot,” Jen The Pen responded in kind with, ”I’m white, honey it will get done.”

Say what now? Seems like Jen was invoking white privilege, which will not win you points when you throw it in the face of a person of color, on a show whose cast is dominated by them. Just saying.