The Say Something Nice Challenge: Lil Kim

kim0 The Say Something Nice Challenge: Lil Kim

I can’t, I wouldn’t if it were an option, and I suggest you don’t attempt it your damn self. And I say that with love.

These haters hope I hurry up and die because my bitch looks like she say “Hurry up and buy” game proper. Michael K, take me away:

While looking as naturally as exquisite as always, Lil’ Kim stepped out in West Hollywood on Friday night with the help of two man hands. Lil’ Kim is as delicate as a terracotta pot so she needs the help of two strong dudes to make sure she doesn’t take the wrong step, tumble to the ground and break into a million pieces. It’ll take a lot of man hours and a lot of Super Glue to put her back together. 

If you took the face of a ceramic Lucky Cat, pasted it on a Nicki Minaj Real Doll, filled it with the essence of Snooki and then sprayed it all down with the same lead-based paint that La Toya Jackson sprays herself down with, you’d get Lil’ Kim. Absolutely stunning. She looks more like a cat than most cats do. Don’t you just want to throw a ball of yarn at her? (Dlisted)