Style Jury: Tracee Ellis Ross

tracee Style Jury: Tracee Ellis Ross

All hail wonky eye royalty. Tracee Ellis Ross smoozed it up nicely with NeNe Leakes and Georgia King at Elle’s Women In Television event inside Soho House in West Hollywood on Thursday (January 24). What’s your verdict on her look?

“It was truly a wonderful evening . . . These ‘dinners’ and ‘events’ are a part of my job and truthfully it can often be work,” Tracee writes on her official website. “I am not complaining, getting dressed up and going to wonderful fancy parties is fun, and I feel blessed to be enjoying these kinds of things as a result of my career, but like everything they can be a mixed bag. Often we have to  attend these things solo so it can feel lonely and anxiety provoking, and sometimes these events feel like a mind field of comparison and judgement.  Well, this dinner was none of that for me.”