50 Cent’s Baby Mama Refusing To Quit New Reality Show?

50 cent 50 Cents Baby Mama Refusing To Quit New Reality Show?

In the past 50 Cent, pictured above at a screening for ‘Parker’ this week, has been successful in preventing the mother of his son Marquise from capitalizing off their dysfunctional relationship. But according to the gossip mill Shaniqua Tompkins is refusing to walk away from her latest opportunity.

AHH Rumors columnist Illseed says Shaniqua has no plans on nixing her appearance on a new TLC reality show set to focus on women who have dated, been married to and have children with famous men. A check is a check.

So, TLC’s “Starter Wives Confidential” is the latest show that gets all the baby moms and ex-wives in one place. A few days ago, they said that 50 Cent had laid the proverbial smack down on his ex-girlfriend and child’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins took her off the show. But, I am hearing other things. I’m hearing that she’s already on the show and she’s going to be continuing to be on it as well.

If you google her, she’s worth $3 million! Wow! She definitely was not in the gym, but she’s definitely taking care of her and 50′s kid. She also apparently took care of 50 when he got shot. She earned her money. Anyway! 50 Cent has reportedly stopped her from doing similar stuff in reality TV and she’s rumored to have been stopped from doing “Starter Wives Confidential” by Fif. I’m hearing she is going to be doing it anyway. I wonder what 50 Cent will do? You know he generally does not play that.

Last week, the word was that 50 Cent blocked Shaniqua from appearing on the show because he didn’t want her to reveal details about his personal life.

“Shaniqua Tompkins started out taping and was really a great on the show, but after she started 50 Cent got mad and made her stop,” an insider told Radar Online.

“Shaniqua had already filmed a lot for the show, but she didn’t want to fight with Curtis so she decided to bow out of the show before things got ugly.”