Kenya Moore: BET Networks Inaugural Ball

kenya moore Kenya Moore: BET Networks Inaugural Ball

Gone With The Wind Fabulous or just go on? Whatever the verdict, Kenya Moore was ready for her close up as she attended BET Networks Inaugural Ball inside the Smithsonian American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery last night.

The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star took to her official cast member blog to blast Phaedra Parks for asking her to work for free on her donkey booty workout video in a post titled Phaedra’s Spin Tactics.

I’m tired of people giving ass a bad name. How about you?

“The truth is the distributor was less than impressed by her name or her physique and her pot of gold-less donkey butt was the least impressive of all. She bragged about having other offers on the table yet, she distributed herself online to to abysmal sales using her own money,” writes Kenya.

“The truth is, no one wanted her video because they did not believe in her or her gimmicky video. I softened the blows in order to be positive, because I believed she was my friend and didn’t feel a need to hurt her feelings. To add insult to injury Phaedra said she’s never heard of any of my movies. I’m very proud of the work I’ve accomplished. I’m a multi hyphenate who has produced over 6 films with production budgets that usually range from $1-3M.”

“They may not be movies with huge ‘A’ list talent but they are profitable movies that have been nominated for several awards in the film industry. I LOVE what I do and would not want to do anything else. I know my worth and what I bring to the table. Phaedra refused to recognize this and treated me like a disposable diaper. I was so hurt I wanted to walk away because I’d rather have a friend than a check, however, with friends like Phaedra, who needs enemies?”