Quick Quotes: Jimmie Walker Wants Black People To Stop Complaining

jimmy walker Quick Quotes: Jimmie Walker Wants Black People To Stop Complaining

International beacon of undeniable sex appeal, 70′s star Jimmie Walker, recently explained his position on why major film studios avoid developing movies for African American audiences.

Ann Coulter’s on-call backshot benefactor believes that the Black community is too anxious to lace up their Foamposities in protest over stereotypes that are present in films that he doesn’t believe are necessarily negative.

“What happens is, it also is reflective in Black TV shows and movies, that you’re not gonna get anymore of those because of the constant complaining, moaning and groaning. The point is to make money,” he told NPR’s Michelle Martin.

“And therefore, the networks themselves have actually stopped doing any ethnic shows, because they don’t want the aggravation. What has happened is that any minority character you see on a show now is always the police commissioner, the head of the hospital, the school superintendent. Those kinds of people don’t invoke followers.”

“The people who are going to get attention are the wacky guys who eventually become stars,” Walker continued. “You’ll never see a Black Will Ferrell. You’ll never see a Black Adam Sandler, because Black people aren’t allowed to play those kind of roles.”