Watch This: LaToya Jackson Confronts Omarosa In ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Teaser

LaToya Jackson ain’t scared of you momofukas. In a teaser for the upcoming season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars’, the fourth most talented Jackson (Jermaine ranks third place, thanks) faces off with veteran villian Omarosa.

“I always wondered in her season why people were fighting with sweet LaToya Jackson,” said Omarosa about her conflict with the LaToya during a press run for the reality competition show. “Her season she got into fights with everybody. And I was like ‘Why is NeNe [Leakes] and Starr [Jones]’ like everybody was fighting with La Toya Jackson. I’m like, I just don’t get it. She looks so sweet. And then you get on a show with her and you realize that she’s unnecessarily conniving. Like, in moments when we’re just eating breakfast, ‘La Toya, just relax. There’ll be times for catfights and strategy. We’re just having breakfast.’ You realize that everything she does is strategic, which is not a problem. You know we were doing the girl thing, we were six women, trying to have girl time and she’s not a girls’ girl.”

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