Quick Quotes: Big Boi On His Current Relationship With Andre 3000

big Quick Quotes: Big Boi On His Current Relationship With Andre 3000

My all-time favorite play cousin Big Boi visited the FADER Magazine offices while in New York City promoting the release of his brand new electronic-yet-soulfully-funky solo album ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors‘. The epic title is derived from a book his late grandmother planned to write to airing the family dirty’s laundry.

Below, Sir Lucious Leftfoot opens up with writer Naomi Zeichner about what his relationship with longtime friend Andre 3000 is like now.

This past summer you shared a picture of you and Andre together on Father’s Day. Now that you’re both grown, with families of your own, what’s your relationship like? We cool. We talk all the time. He comes by my house, our kids play video games together, we sit in the pool house and play pool and play music. We don’t report on it every time we hook up, so people don’t know. I took that picture on Father’s Day just as a gift to the fans, cause they ain’t seen us in the same room in so long. Me and Dre can’t even go anywhere together in public because it’s a fiasco. As much as we’d like to go and sit down and have dinner together, that shit won’t work at all. Never. The only place we might go, and we can’t even go there no more cause we shut it down, is the strip club. For real. So we usually be at my house, his mom’s house, his house. But mostly my house.

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How have you made that friendship stick for so long? What it boils down to is, you have to have your own life. If you been around with somebody for so long, it’s almost automatic family. All my people that are around me I do consider family. We know each other. We may not communicate all the time, but we know each other. We don’t have to be day in day out, because we have done so much day in and day out for years and years and years. You don’t have to do that all the time. We got kids. I got shit to do. I got a football game to go to, I got a piano recital. Got to make songs and shit. You know what I mean? Dre’s got a son too and he plays football. Like, man. Enjoy your life.

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