If The Head Right Elmo There Every Night: Kevin Clash’s Accusers Open Up

elmo1 If The Head Right Elmo There Every Night: Kevin Clashs Accusers Open Up

Vulture reports that Warner Bros. has pulled the plug on developing a feature film with former Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash amid allegations that he had sexual relationships with two underaged partners and a third accuser with similar claims.

The silver lining: Perhaps this will open up a budget for a new film distribution deal for Master P.

Adding to Clash’s burdens, two men have come forward to share their stories with Clash with The Daily Beast as they fight off charges of being opportunists. Good luck with that.

The first accuser, Sheldon Stephens, says he met Clash at a entertainment industry charity mixer when he was 16. The two stayed in touch and became friends; then, gradually, “it got more to Kevin insinuating sexual things.” At the time, Stephens maintains, he was a virgin and had only dated girls.

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According to Stephens, the first time he visited Clash, his driver and Stephens all used crystal meth and engaged in foreplay, and then he had sex with Clash (but not the driver).

1354787181758.cached If The Head Right Elmo There Every Night: Kevin Clashs Accusers Open Up

The second accuser, 24-year-old college student Cecil Singleton, came forward claiming that he and Clash met on a gay phone chat line.

“Back then, the Internet was not as popular as it is today,” Singleton said. “I’ve always been very androgynous and openly gay. Living in this urban neighborhood in uptown Harlem, it wasn’t exactly an ideal place to meet someone. I was the only out gay student in my high school’s history. It wasn’t a recipe for meeting people romantically.”

Both lied about their ages, but when they met for dinner, Singleton confessed that he was only 15, and Clash that he was 43. Singleton says Clash “didn’t seem surprised or alarmed” to reveal his age.

That night after dinner, Clash invited Singleton to go up to his condo “for a proper kiss,” and the two engaged in sexual behavior but not intercourse, Singleton said. [...] Singleton said he and Clash went on six or seven dates, and that Clash always offered to pay for his cabs and sometimes gave Singleton small amounts of cash to help him get by. Clash would check in by phone twice a day, Singleton said. [...] During that period, Singleton said, he and Clash never had sexual intercourse, nor did Clash offer him drugs.

The attorney handling Singleton’s case, is also representing a third accuser — a 28-year-old anonymous man known only as “D.O.” — who is also suing Clash. The aspiring model says met Clash on a gay chat line back in 2000.

He was 16 at the time. D.O. says they engaged in sexual activity but didn’t have intercourse. They remained in touch and eventually had sex for the first time when he was 18. Like Singleton, D.O. had not “realized he had been victimized until he learned about [Stephens].”

In 2009, D.O. began writing a memoir, which included a chapter about his relationship with Clash that his lawyer has since leaked to the media. It reads like erotica, referring to Clash as “The Tickler” and their sexual relationship as a “father and son” game.

Prior to Sheldon Stephens’ allegations, Kevin Clash was not publicly out of the closet. A divorced father of a 20-year-old daughter, he made no mention of being gay in his 2006 memoir My Life as a Red Furry Monster or in the 2011 critically acclaimed documentary about his life ‘Being Elmo.’