Promo Trail: Andre Leon Talley

alt1 Promo Trail: Andre Leon Talley

“Coming from the South I had a confidence that I didn’t know that I had. I must say that,” shared Andre Leon Talley as he promoted the release of Vogue: The Editor’s Eye in Nashville on Thursday (December 6).

“I just went out into the world with the encouragement of my grandmother, who said, ‘Do whatever you want to do.’ My father and mother never did that. They had aspirations, of course, for me to be a basketball player.”

Thank Sweet Baby Jesus wrapped in Givenchy his parents’ hoop dreams were deflated.

In honor of its 120th anniversary, Vogue: The Editor’s Eye celebrates the pivotal role the “Fashion Bible” has played in shaping America’s sense of style. The book also coincides with the new documentary ‘In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye’, which premiered last night on HBO.

When asked by The Tennessean (on behalf of Crunchy Black?) if there were any style trends that he couldn’t abide, Andre Leon Talley replied with a shrug, “Not really. Street fashion, I guess, the young men who wear their pants falling down with the waistline way below where it should be. I don’t think that’s a very good look for anyone.”

“And tattoos, particularly on ladies. People get addicted to them. They start with one and the next thing you know, their whole arm is covered,” he added. “Other than that, anything works.”

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