12 Trina Lyrics You Might Find On Your Hoodrat Cousin’s Facebook Wall

french1 12 Trina Lyrics You Might Find On Your Hoodrat Cousins Facebook Wall

The Patron Saint of Paid Hoes is reloaded.

While I personally reject the idea of allowing French Montana to assist me in any task that does not focus primarily on organizing my collection of satin hair scarves from the beauty supply store (damn that boy good), Trina recruited the Bronx rapper to serve as executive producer of her latest mixtape, ‘Back To Business.’

“We went into the studio, just vibing and listening to the records,” she explained to All Hip Hop. “He [French] asked me if I was working on my album, and I said ‘of course’ and it was just like instant chemistry. He played me a bunch of tracks and unreleased music and I liked the sound and the direction. He was like let’s work together let’s make it happen and he made it happen.”

Girl, I guess. Here are 12 lyrics from the Diamonique Princess that belong in both the National Archives and on your hoodrat cousin’s Facebook wall.

Never let a nigga hit the coochie raw / Might bust a nut on my Gucci bra
– “69 Ways”

I need a real nigga to come save me / One who pampers me and bathes me / And one who makes me swallow his babies
– “Tonight”

Fuck this hoe / That hoe / All them bitches lame
– “That’s My Attitude”

Your trap bumping hard? Why your shoes don’t have a name? / Gingivitis breath, cause you talking shit / I know every time you lying cause you grab your dick / That’s a fucking rental, you just threw on tint / You fucked that ugly girl / Why you don’t claim your chick?
– “U A Lame”

The topic of discussion is I can fuck whoever I want
– “Killing You Hoes”

See I’m unemployed with no boss hoe / Why ya’ll sucking dick for free I’m broke off hoe / See it pays to be the boss hoe / Shit, that’s how you floss hoe / X-rated, elevated, butt naked / And I’ll probably fuck your daddy if your mammy wasn’t player hating
– Da Baddest Bitch

Jealous bitches, jealous bitches / Don’t hate me, don’t hate me
– “Let Dem Hoes Fight”

You wanna fuck? That’s cool, but you got to be the greatest / Take me to Prada / Buy me the latest / Charter the jet / Fly me to Vegas / The baddest bitch / Can’t nann hoe fade this
– “That’s Cool”

See a nigga pumpin gas / Don’t look / Get out your car slow, drop your book / 
Sell him with your name and your freak out game / And show a lil’ shot of ass just to get in his brain / Tell him what he wanna hear / Calm and slow / 
You want this ass? Come on let’s go / Call my dawgs at the hotel / Let em now I’m coming / Bring him upstairs and leave the car running / Get him in the room don’t be scared / Go in broke, come out with bread 
– “Hustling”

Tell me that you love me baby / Get high and fuck me crazy / Get a towel and wipe me off / You want a bitch with no type of flaws / My girls be shopping hard / These hoes be buying cars / In the club buying bars / Nipples hard in designer bras
– “B R Right”

You don’t know nann hoe that’ll sell more ass than me
– “Nann”

I gots to be fucked right, sucked right / In the butt right like a slut like / In the bright lights, every day all night / Now talk to me, why you fuck me violently?
– “I Don’t Need U”

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