Jennifer Hudson: Michigan Avenue Magazine Party

jen1 Jennifer Hudson: Michigan Avenue Magazine Party

Jennifer Hudson was all smiles as she posed on the red carpet at her Michigan Avenue Magazine cover party on Tuesday night (December 4) at the House of Blues in Chicago.

At the event, the 31-year-old hometown sweetheart and sister Julia Hudson were presented with a $10,000 check in support of their Julian D. King Gift Foundation, which honors the singer’s late nephew. The non-profit organization was established to provide stability, support and positive experiences for children.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what J. Hud had to share with celebrity interviewer Kelly Rowland for her Michigan Avenue cover story:

How the city of Chicago has influenced her personality and career: ”As far as my personality, I feel that Chicago keeps me normal, and that’s why I still live here. Being around all my family and friends keeps me sane and helps build my character. As far as music, Chicago is about the blues. A lot of great musicians come from Chicago, like Chaka Khan and Kanye and now myself. It’s a musical city, so you can’t help but be musical living here.”

Inspirations behind her new clothing line for QVC: “I’ve always had a love for clothes in the same way I love music and I love pictures. So my fans were a part of the inspiration because they’d see me in red carpet pieces but be like, Man, I would love to have that, but I can’t afford it. I just wanted to re-create some of my things and make it more affordable for them. It’s also for every girl. I made sure that everything from a size 16 would look just as good as a size 6.”

The best piece of advice she received from home: ”My momma had a lot of sayings, and I find myself saying them. My favorite is, “Jenny, if you’ve seen it all, just keep on living.” And one of my producers used to say, “It’s not about how good you are, but how good you are to work with.” And that has stuck with me forever. It doesn’t matter how much talent you have because that’ll be the first thing to get you fired. But if you’re pleasant to work with and be around, that’ll get you far. I love that one, too.” | read more