Coochieness: Chris Brown In XXL Magazine

chris1 Coochieness: Chris Brown In XXL Magazine

The people of Facebook have spoken, and most are in favor of Chris Brown‘s gracious effort to serve you abundant life as seen in the latest issue of XXL Magazine.

Erica -  Two snaps, a twist, and a kiss. Sidenote: He really should leave the drugs alone. His slip is showing.

Andrew - That it’s a promotional still from Vampire In Brooklyn II: Restraining Orders Suck

Ant - I could’ve swore this was Peppa Labeja [from Paris Is Burning] when she took that trip down memory lane about her mutha burning her fur coat and the devastation to the nation it brought.

Tiffany - Chris is sitting higher than giraffe pussy and I would be remised as a lover of 70′s blaxploitation films if I didn’t pay homage for trying to re-create the Dolemite effect. Salute, sir!

Sylvia B. - All he needs to complete this look is a set of chola brows.

Aisha - Giving Plush PETA realness, you better werk!

Alisha - Lay him in a casket ’cause that’s the dead man’s pose!

Janeen - I don’t know about fever, but this pic definitely makes me sick.

Phillip -  I’m sorry my dear. Sashay . . . away.

Danielle - Get into his delicately placed manicured fingers resting ever so gently on his Mink By PETA lapel.