Quick Quotes: Wiz Khalifa Can’t Stay Mad At Amber Rose

wiz aber11 Quick Quotes: Wiz Khalifa Cant Stay Mad At Amber Rose

On his latest album ‘O.N.I.F.C.,’ which dropped this week, Wiz Khalifa shares an affectionate real-life voicemail left by future wife Amber Rose with listeners at the end of the track “Initiation.”

“Hey baby, it’s me. I know you out there performing right now but I just wanted to leave you a little message to let you know how much I love you and I miss you,” she whispers sweetly. “And I wish you were home with me right now. And I’m so proud of you. And I’m so happy that you’re doing so well out there.”

The Pittsburgh rapper says he is enjoying putting his feeling for Ambot on wax. “It’s fun for me to write these records now because I’m puttin’ together everything that I go through with my wife and being able to inspire people to the point where it’s like a story or a book,” Wiz revealed to MTV News while on the promo trail at SiriusXM Radio.

He added, “We’re in love, we love each other. We’re happy, and just those good feelings.”

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“We have small arguments; they last like 20 minutes because we can’t stay mad at each other,” he said. “People go through ups and downs and I had a couple of arguments with her, during the time I was making the album.”

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