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Are you alone? Time to shed those tattoo tears Tupac spoke about on “I Ain’t Mad At Cha.”

Back in October during a high school football game in Ohio, St. Clairsville senior star running back Michael Ferns had nothing preventing him for scoring a touchdown but slowed down as he approached the end zone and walked out of bounds at the 1-yard line.

It was at that point that St. Clairsville’s coach Brett McLean called for freshman Logan Thompson to enter the game. Thompson’s father had died of a stroke two days earlier.

“You’re going in at running back,” McLean yelled as he grabbed Thompson’s shoulders. “Tell them to run 26 Power.” Thompson, a linebacker who only occasionally played wide receiver, silently stared back at McLean. The freshman hadn’t played much on varsity and had never lined up at running back before.

“You know what,” McLean said. “It’s easy. Just follow Michael Ferns’ big butt.”

And that’s what he did.

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