Freeze Frame: Yolanda Nubine’s Sister Is Jealous Of Her Beauty

mugshot1 Freeze Frame: Yolanda Nubines Sister Is Jealous Of Her Beauty

Touch this skin, darling. Touch this skin! You can’t take it. Apparently, neither can the sister of Oklahoma City resident Yolanda Nubine.

On Thanksgiving Day, police arrested the 43-year-old on a charge of assault and battery after she assaulted a police officer trying to escort her out of an apartment.

Latisha Nubine, Yolanda’s sister, originally dialed police because she wouldn’t leave her apartment. Yo Yo told police her sister only wanted to play the Martin to her Pam because she has “always been the beautiful and sexy one.”

According to a police report, Nubine punched a cop in the nose and his right ear, but the fun didn’t stop there. When a second officer tried to gain control of the situation, Nubine continued to swing her fist of fury and ended up falling down a staircase. Well damn! | source