Yes, You Care: ‘Basketball Wives’ Threatening To Walk Out Over Salary

shaunie Yes, You Care: Basketball Wives Threatening To Walk Out Over Salary

If the star players for the ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise don’t get their contract dispute settled with network execs soon fans who secretly love to loathe the series (ahem, Star Jones) will be stuck watching reruns.

Sources tell TMZ the Ocean Drive pep squad want major pay raises, claiming the show does quite well for the network. Well, VH1 isn’t here for that.

Before filming started, execs made it clear to Shaunie O’NealEvelyn LozadaTami Roman, and Suzie Ketcham that salary increases would not happen and if any cast member had a problem with that they could be replaced.

With filming for the new season currently underway and a deal still not being reached, word on the curb is that the cast is planning to walk out next week if their demands aren’t met.

Shaunie is still set to receive her monthly manicure and more allowance from Shaq regardless. As long as Evelyn has an ice cold Jarritos in her fridge, she’ll always be able to come up with her next money making scheme.

Now Suzie and Tami. Unless you two are collecting coins from ventures we know nothing about it would be a wise decision to stick around for that reliable check.

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