Quick Quotes: Tami Roman Talks ‘Basketball Wives’ And Bullying

tami quotes Quick Quotes: Tami Roman Talks Basketball Wives And Bullying

Tami Roman is no spring chicken in the world of reality television. Here is what the old bird 42-year-old had to share with Too Fab about ‘Basketball Wives,’ reality television and her previous mean girl episode with Kesha Nichols.

On what fans can expect from the upcoming ‘Basketball Wives’ season: “I’m excited about it because the show has the tendency to border on the dramatic aspect of our lives. This particular season we’re getting more into our families, the positive things we’re doing, creating a balance for the show. Last season was particularly hard for me because of the things we went through. It is reality TV and one moment that happens for 15 minutes is stretched out for 4 weeks of our lives.”

On bullying Kesha Nichols to the point of tears last season: “Let me take responsibility for my actions. I did what I did. I don’t take pride in taking on a weaker opponent because that’s not who I am as a person, so I was a little upset about that. But I took that opportunity to learn and grow. What I mean by that is I don’t consider myself a bully. Anyone that knows me knows I will give the shirt off my back; I’m a very loving person.

I always thought bullying was big kids picking on small kids. I had a bullying moment and I was pushing someone who wasn’t ready for that confrontation.”

“I own up to that but me as an individual, that’s not how I go through my life. There’s a saying that your intentions may be good and still the wrong things will happen. In all honesty, I just want Kesha to stand up for what she said and own up to the things that kept pushing her to do that but that’s not in her makeup. And so because of that I had a bully moment and not being able to recognize that she’s not that type of person she was, she was never going to do and I should have stopped pushing.”

On how reality television has changed since appearing on ‘The Real World’ in 1993: “We were definitely the pioneers of the reality tv genre. We set up this whole phenomenon that it’s become. The biggest difference for me is that when we did the ‘Real World’ it really was the real world. We lived our lives as real world situations presented themselves and we dealt with them in a real way.”

“I think other reality shows sometimes people may not be as real as they would be, you have those shows like that. You have shows that border on the drama of the moment, which is like ‘Basketball Wives’ where the moment isn’t played out in real time.

And there’s the social media aspect. When I was on ‘The Real World,’ if you didn’t like what I did you had to sit down and write me a letter. And now everything’s on Twitter, blogs, Facebook and people are able to comment on it. So that has to be the largest difference since when we started til now. People are judgmental and people don’t understand that things are edited things are played out over 4-5 weeks and everybody in the situation has moved on and you have to keep reliving it week after week. I would say that’s the hardest and biggest difference.”

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