Quick Flicks: Rihanna Kicks Off Her 777 Tour

rihanna kickoff Quick Flicks: Rihanna Kicks Off Her 777 Tour

To celebrate the release of her seventh album, ‘Unapologetic’, Rihanna is making a dizzying journey to play seven intimate shows in seven cities in seven different countries in seven days. I’m getting jet lagged just thinking about it.

Joining Rihbound for her 777 Tour: Nearly 250 members of her team, media and members of the Rihanna Navy from around the globe. Safe travels to all of our friends who made the trip!

“You guys ready? Seven seven muthafuckin’ seven! Ready for Mexico? Ready for some tequila? Let’s get drunk!” Rihanna asked over the loudspeaker of the Delta 777 jet on Wednesday (November 14).

“Everybody look in their gift bags right now. There’s a string in there that looks shitty and cheap. But it’s a real diamond! I don’t want you guys to lose that. You can never say you’ve never has a diamond in your life. Give it to someone special. I love you,” Ri surprised her guests.

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