Today’s Phrase That Pays: I Want To Be Thick For Jesus

“How do you want it? I want it fried! How do you like it? I like it with rice!” are not song lyrics that can be found on Fantasia’s new album. Your favorite cousin who is never allowed to make make the potato salad at her house for fear of cross-contamination, Logan McWilliams, has a song in her spirit about fried chicken.

Lo Lo managed to sing on key (remember when you could do that, Alicia Keys?) and catch the Holy Spirit over a two piece and biscuit. If Mary J. Blige can go from singing about seven day crack binges to crispy chicken wraps, then Lil Mo’s play daughter can use the good word to spread high blood pressure and hypertension filled gospel!

Big Momma from ‘Soul Food’ died so that this woman could one day testify over red beans and okra.