Hear Ye: Kenya Moore Is Not Interested In Anybody’s Husband

kenya button Hear Ye: Kenya Moore Is Not Interested In Anybodys Husband

Don’t everybody Birdman hand rub at once. ’Real Housewives of Atlanta’ new wig on the block Kenya Moore stopped by the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning to set the record straight on her image.

It’s not polite to point and laugh.

On her ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ on-screen image: ”I think, you know, it’s taken some time for me to adjust on the editing process. I think, you know, people that know me and have known me for the last 20 years in the business I’ve definitely been, you know, a classy woman. I’ve been articulate. I’m a lot of things. And the show seems to be moving my, you know, editing process, or my image in a certain direction.”

On the show’s editing depicting her developing a sideline hoe relationship with Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo: ”I think you need to watch the show because, you know, when you have a teaser out there, or what most people would consider commercial, you, they’re designed to make you want to tune in. So some things are definitely taken out of context, and let me be the first to say I’m not interested in anybody’s husband. Not Phaedra’s, not anybody else’s. So you can put that on the record.”

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