Style Jury: Flo Rida

flo2 Style Jury: Flo Rida

Before pressing his ball sack ever so gently on the neck of John Coffee’s second cousin during a live performance, Flo Rida greeted photographers with a smile as he showed off his new flare for fashion at an event celebrating the grand opening of H&M’s Lincoln Road in Miami on Wednesday (November 7). What’s your verdict on his style?

Packed with more than 20,000 square feet of affordable fashion, the new store opened at Miami Beach’s revamped Lincoln Theater, with two floors and more than 24,000 square feet. The retail space also features a 19-foot LED screen with videos of models ripping the runway in style trends inspired by the lyrics of Trick Daddy. Not really, but dare to get lost in the possibilities!

Weigh in on Flo Rida’s style statement and let me know how much you too miss his Nintendo 64, bigen dyed hairline below in the comments.