Google Is Your Best Friend: Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Know What ‘Twerk’ Means

kim ka1 Google Is Your Best Friend: Kim Kardashian Doesnt Know What Twerk Means

House Mother Kanye’s newest Malibu Barbie for his collection Kim Kardashian (pictured above making moves in Miami) is going to extreme measures to prove to you guys that she is a ride or die chick and deserves a hood pass. If attending the BET Awards ’12 and not being able to catch a single beat wasn’t enough, she posted a picture to her Instagram with the caption “Twerk” this week.

You would expect a tasteful picture of a her backside right? Nope! According to Kanye’s human urinal, twerk means a headshot showcasing 3 hours worth of make-up application. Poor Lil’ Tink Tink, just listen to Nicki Minaj in your car and pretend to know the lyrics to a 2 Chainz’s song.

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