Redbone Season: Drake Shuts Down The Club

drake club Redbone Season: Drake Shuts Down The Club

With the winter months approaching, Redbone Season is drawing to an end due to the fact many self-proclaimed “limited edition flavors” can’t tan anymore, but Drake is making sure it goes out with a bang.

Fresh off last week’s news that he is an official high school graduate (pay homage to Fantasia before anything else) and has plans on living his lyrics in “Best I Ever Had” by attending Howard University, Miss Aubrey was seen setting up off in the club with Maybach Music Group rapper Wale and ‘Flavor of Love 2′ winner Deelishis.

What would expect a night in the club with Drake to be like? Probably a lot of “what’s your real name, and not your stripper name?” and “If Aaliyah was here we would have matching friendship bracelets” talk.  Check out the flicks below.