Reality Rewind: Natalie Nunn’s Chin Takes on ‘Bridezillas’

natalie nunn1 Reality Rewind: Natalie Nunn’s Chin Takes on ‘Bridezillas’

‘Bad Girls Club’ alumni Natalie Nunn is adding rambunctious freeloader to that long list of adjectives the hype man drops in front of her name.

“Everybody gives me everything for free! Figure it out!” Natalie informs the lessor girls on her recent episode of ‘Bridezillas’ on WeTV.

“Who the fuck pays for a party when I get paid to show up to a fuckin’ party?” Super Chin screams to her fiancé Jacob Payne.

Things get worse when her assistant J.R. loses the deal to get the oh-so-relevant reality star a few free tables and chairs for her reception. Watch below and Natalie calls an emergency staff meeting to pick which loser will walk the plank.

Poor Jacob.

 ’Bridezillas’ airs Sundays on WeTV at 10pm EST.

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