Quick Quotes: Laura Govan, Waka Flocka And Jada Pinkett Smith

quick quotes header Quick Quotes: Laura Govan, Waka Flocka And Jada Pinkett Smith

“There are no negatives being married to Will Smith! I swear Will has to be one of the most outstanding fathers. Not only just loving him, and him being my husband, but when I look at how he loves his children, I go, ‘Thank you! I made such a good choice.’ I hit the jackpot with that one.”

“Part of being in a partnership is that you have to support the spirit of it. Being in a partnership like that has forced me to become bigger and to grow, and to allow him to grow and be all that he’s meant to be on this planet. You realise that once you learn how to give it, then you receive it.”

– Jada Pinkett Smith tells the Daily Mirror she hit the jackpot when she married Will Smith

Will And Jada Arrive At LAX

“Honestly, I thank God that I got shot. Me getting shot was like the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. Because it really taught me how to open your eyes and don’t take shit for granted. And it made me say fuck my old life because it’s like I got baptized when I got shot. It was like I was born again. It’s like I was born to fucking rap. It made me even wiser and more cautious. Deadlier too at the same time, like venom. Mentally it just made me a monster.”

Waka Flocka explains to Montreality how getting shot in 2010 changed his life

“I think we have to understand what TV is all about. It’s entertainment. So, if you’re entertained, most definitely watch. I wouldn’t ask or beg nobody to watch the show. Some people like it, some people don’t. Is it entertaining? Yeah. I think that most people want to see us get down, throw blows, and that happens too. I think it comes from all aspects. I think you get a little bit of everything as far as everybody and who they are as a person. I think you will not be disappointed. I think you will be thoroughly entertained, but it’s like anything else. You just have to watch it for whatever reason you watch it. Is it entertaining? I would definitely say so.”

– ‘Basketball Wives LA’ star Laura Govan provides a lot of chatter while addressing the question of why reality fans should tune into the show.

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