Um, Ma’am: Wyclef Proves Why Your Uncles Don’t Need Internet Access

wyclef posted Um, Maam: Wyclef Proves Why Your Uncles Dont Need Internet Access

Listen, I believe myself to be a very good person who happens to enjoy hood life and fuckery, but your people wasn’t trying to let me function on Hump Day.

Yesterday, Lauryn Hill’s former designated peen Wyclef Jean decided to take to bring in his 43rd birthday by giving you kids a show of what his life has been about so far — and this is the part of the game where I go back to reading my Bible like Miss Celie in ‘The Color Purple.’

Wearing nothing but a red Speedo and plenty of baby oil, Clef ever so gently tooted his ass on a motorcycle.

Did anything I just say make any sense to you? I have so many questions. How many takes did this photo op take? Who snapped the picture? Should I expect this every Wednesday? Will this make Tyler Perry’s iPhone wallpaper?