You Still Here? Bobby V Visits 106 & Park

bobbyv1 You Still Here? Bobby V Visits 106 & Park

Times have been hard for former Disturbing The Peace artist Bobby V, and as his visit to 106 & Parking Lot proved they haven’t gotten even better.

Known as Bobby Valentino until he was sued over the last name (no really, they didn’t even let the little man keep that), the singer most likely plugged a new album or some other project we all aren’t genuinely here for.

What we are here for is this Fashion Cents version of a Keeblr Elf’s style choice.

Looking like one of the long lost members of Dru Hill,  Bobby V definitely proved no one on his team loves him. I imagined if you went to the club with the Teletubbies and one of them got White Girl Wasted and threw up on your outfit, this would be the outcome.

Martin Luther King Jr didn’t do all of that marching just so your cousins could walk around looking like an OMG Girl. And any opinion formed against this shall not prosper in Thug’s Paradise. More flicks below.