That’s What Friends Are For: La La Anthony Defends Kim Kardashian’s Vagina

la la drinks Thats What Friends Are For: La La Anthony Defends Kim Kardashians Vagina

Understandably, La La Anthony isn’t fond of you calling her ride home for the club a whore. Who is really down to sit in a driveway for 45 minutes trying to conjure up the right words of solace for that conversation? “Girl, we all have sucked a dick or two in our life. Don’t let these people stress you out.”

Via the VH1 Blog - La La Anthony has a ton of friends. As you can see in our Celebrity BFFs post, she has some A-list pals and she’s a ride or die, loyal lady, no matter what their star status.

Which is why she got a little feisty in an interview today defending on of her closest friends, Kim Kardashian, when a fan called in and referred to Kim as a girl with a bad rep, and whether or not “birds of a feather flock together.”

La La initially responded “This is going bad fast,” and then defended Kim saying “I am really starting to get a little tired of people calling her that to me because if I was calling your friend a whore you wouldn’t like that would you? No matter what people’s perceptions are, I know my friend and I know her heart and who she is and she’s not a whore. We are all grown now. I can’t be responsible for what people think about other people, I go by how a person treats me and she’s always been an amazing person to me.”