Jacking For Posts: “Bandz A Make Her Dance” Video Breakdown

bandz Jacking For Posts: Bandz A Make Her Dance Video Breakdown

Danielle H. of Redefined Hype writes: To be honest, Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance” is probably one of the most recited, talked about, and likely most twerked to records of the year. Its charm is still growing on me, but there was no way I could pass on the opportunity to provide a video breakdown for Juicy J‘s titan of a strip club anthem.

0:14 – The strip club is entirely too predictable a setting for this music video. He should have went with an elderly home, the zoo, a prison, or a clever combination of all three.

0:24 – So I guess marching bands will also make her dance. Clever Juicy J, very clever.

0:28 – And Juicy J is wearing a Gucci helmet in a strip club because…Because if stripper’s slide down a pole fast enough they can sometimes carry the velocity of a rifle bullet. No, that’s not it.

0:30 – Despite the unnecessary use of a helmet, that “Ghost Rider” effect is pretty dope.

0:36 – Since when did Marsha Ambrosius start doing music videos?

1:34 –How dope would “Turn Up” Styrofoam cups be at your next at-home shindig?

1:51 – I’m about 82 percent sure that Lil Wayne’s the only person who wears TRUKFIT.

2:02 – Before you start to get too worried, those lions were returned to their rightful owners in Narnia after this music video was filmed. | continue reading