Quick Quotes: Gunplay, Sanya Richards-Ross And Bobby V.

quick quotes1 Quick Quotes: Gunplay, Sanya Richards Ross And Bobby V.

“Nah, pussy is never out of season, that shit just goes. There’s never a drought, there’s never a decline in sales. It’s just how you gonna get more. Pussy been selling before. That was the first thing that was selling. It was church and pussy. That’s the only thing that was getting money back in the day, and it still is to this day. Church and pussy.”

“So with my escort service, I’m changing the name because of some legal issues, but it’s gonna be called H.U.S.H. — Have U Seen Her. It’s trademarked, I already got that. We starting in January. We launching. It’s based outta L.A. We tryna get the best of the best. Exotic bitches. We have to keep it civilized, so it’ll be H.U.S.H. video vixens and so forth and so forth.”

Gunplay details his business acumen with The BoomBox

“I love putting my face on and doing my hair before I step out on the track. I’m working — that’s my job. And doesn’t every woman like to look pretty when they’re on their job? And millions of people are watching me do it, so I don’t pay attention to that stuff.”

– Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross claps back at critics over her dolled up look

Bobby V-Neck tells BET.com that the state of R&B music is almost dead. Watch his explanation below.