Watch This: Jackie Christie Plots More Fuckery On ‘Basketball Wives LA’

jc1 Watch This: Jackie Christie Plots More Fuckery On Basketball Wives LA

Usually after season one of a reality show the cast comes back for season 2 with a better wig, nip/tuck as needed, and better fashions. Ha. That’s not the case with Jackie Christie.

Locked and loaded with more Fischer Price beef against her ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ cohorts, watch below as Doug Christie endures a candid heart-to-heart with his wife about their daughter suddenly moving to across the nation and last season of the show.

Will Doug keep it real with his wife about her Steebie J-inspired mind games or will he continue to be her yes man?

‘Basketball Wives: LA’ airs Monday nights on Vh1, 8pm Eastern.

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