Watch This: The Snuggie Kid’s Guide To The VMA Best Choreography Nominees

Still tugging gently at the heart strings of millions, The Snuggie Kid has returned — this time around, presenting the nominees for the Best Choreography category at tomorrow night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

The amount of limited edition Snuggies that can be purchased when an individual resides within the good graces of Beysus Christ is unfathomable. Pay your tithes to the wig crypt by getting into Xin Ling’s divine editing skills by pressing play.

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  • Jackie

    This kid is FREAKING talented!!!

  • Marissa

    MTV is dead wrong if he’s not a guest tonight.

  • TeanBean00

    And my baby C.B. will win for best choreography..

  • AlWell

    I love this kid.

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  • Mook

    Confirmed performers tonight: 2 Chainz, Curry Goat, Taylor Swift, Pink, A$AP Rocky, Onika, Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Lil Goblin, One Direction, Green Day, Frank Ocean

    confirmed VMA presenters:2 Chainz, the Fab 5 Gymnastic Team, Wiz Khalifa, Skanky Cyrus, Mac Miller, Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Demi Lovato, Ke$hit, The Wanted

    • Jay Lane

      Thanks, Mook! I will adjust my dvr-rah settings accordingly:)

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    Dear snuggie kid,

    You won the internet.