Sexual Napalm: Norwood Young

norwood1 Sexual Napalm: Norwood Young

Regardless of your religious beliefs, if your vagina plays an acoustic version of “Dickmatize” whenever your eyes land on Norwood Young rest assure that your name is on the sacred scrolls as one of the chosen people selected by Trap Jesus. Thus guaranteeing you a spot in the Great Thereafter’s VIP section. Complimentary wings and fries  included.

The only person that matters as of 2:12 PM EST made an appearance at industry veteran Robi Reed’s Sunshine Beyond Summer Celebration looking like a bag of pesos on Saturday (September 1). Life is good.

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  • Ron-he

    oh. lord have mercy! What that poor nose has been THROUGH!

  • gabicaligirl

    This seems to be a widespread epidemic in black hollywood.  Brothas with dainty noses.  It ain’t for you, brah.

  • A Land

    My pussy just went into convulsions!! 

  • LiLiJones36

    hmmm yasssss

  • deezy

    The way he smiles with his eyes…..

  • l/spray

    I’m still confused why is he famous again???????????

    • deezy

      I see you don’t come here often

      • Char_den

        I  come here often and I still dont know. LOL!

  • Jay Lane

    Ummmm, perhaps it’s just me (I hope) but he’s looking really thin, esp. in the face. Absolutely no shade, his appearance was just jarring to me.

    • Rasha

      I was about to write the same thing. I hope he’s feeling well.

  • Mook

    someone please tell Willona Woods that her spellcheck button was turned off. she misspelled Michelle Obama as Michael Obama. smdh

  • DLivingston

    Aaaargh…I got nothing.  Dude just became my FB friend after the approval of my queen cousin plus his sister and her super-skrong back can do no wrong.  She’s a legal analyst on the AM news.

    Already got bills, don’t need the Pink Mafia after me too.

  • Dutch Apple Pie

    lol does he use a stencil on his face?

  • Stacy Holt

    I just cant with a man who i would have to constanstly kick out of my makeup drawer

  • Tiffany

    Norwood…..I never knew love could feel like a heart attack.  I don’t want to wake up.  He’s the man of my dreams.  Arabian Nights set in West Hollywood….I can check out early.

    • Mook

      Arabian Nights set in West Hollywood”