Gone In 60 Seconds: Bobby Brown Is Out Of Rehab

bobby alicia Gone In 60 Seconds: Bobby Brown Is Out Of Rehab

In the race to the finish line of sobriety which would you prefer to be known as, The Tortoise or The Hare?

In today’s fuck school news, Cisco wine connoisseur and occasional snorter Bobby Brown (pictured above with wife Aicia Etheridge earlier this month) has checked out of rehab after spending three weeks undergoing treatment.

Can he get much higher?

Radar Online reports:

Bobby Brown checked out of his rehab facility last week – less than three weeks after checking in, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

The 43-year-old singer, who agreed to go to rehab as part of his plea deal that made his March DUI arrest disappear, had originally planned on undergoing treatment for his alcohol addiction issues for a longer period – but he has had a change of heart.

Now, family and friends are concerned that the My Prerogative star isn’t taking his sobriety seriously, which could lead to him falling off the wagon once more.

“Bobby is no longer in rehab, he decided he’s had enough treatment for his problems,” a source close to the family revealed.

“When he first checked in, he promised his family and friends, including his New Edition band mates, that this time he was going to stay in rehab for the full treatment. That’s normally a 90-day program.

“However, after fulfilling his duties for his DUI plea deal, Bobby has decided that he doesn’t need treatment anymore.

Bobby’s family and friends are terrified, despite his pleas that he’s sober, that he will fall off the wagon once again.

“They’re not sure if he was ever serious about conquering his demons and have voiced their concerns. It’s difficult to believe someone going into rehab for alcohol addiction for such a short time is genuine about giving up drinking,” the source revealed. (source)