Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander Responds To Gym Fiasco Rumors

shaq leader Nicole Hoopz Alexander Responds To Gym Fiasco Rumors

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has called it quits with reality television girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. Shaunie O’Neal is breathing a sigh of relief through her permanently flared nostrils.

The couple started dating back in 2010 and lived in the ‘burbs while he played for the Boston Celtics. Following his retirement they have been living in Florida. Just a few weeks ago Hoopz, 29, was spotted with Shaq teddy bear as he filmed scenes for Adam Sandler’s comedy sequel ‘Grown Ups 2,’ in which the current TNT analyst plays a security guard.

And now, the rumors. Word on the curb is that the 40-year-old decided to pull the plug on the relationship for good last week after a fun visit to an Orlando-area gymnastics facility turned sour. Inspired by the Olympic success of Gabby Douglas, Hoopz wanted to take up lessons. But according to an eyewitness when she discovered that the gym doesn’t train people over the age of 18 for insurance purposes she flipped.

Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

Sources tell Black Sports Online:

She started to curse out the staff and became belligerent. She got extremely loud, screaming at the top of her lungs how she needed to train for the 2016 Olympics. 

Shaq was embarrassed, he dropped his head like he was ashamed of her. He didn’t say anything while they were in the gym, but once they got to their car a heated argument took place.  You could hear and see them screaming at each other.  I felt bad for him.”

Hewpz took to Twitter yesterday to defend herself, writing “Sucks that I’ve always been a target for untrue, hateful negative rumors. I always wonder how these people can sleep at night!”

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