Quick Flicks: Nas Performs At Rock The Bells

nas header Quick Flicks: Nas Performs At Rock The Bells

No need to pay a king’s ransom to splash your face with water from the fountain of youth when you’re Nas.

The veteran rapper jogged the memories of fans by performing classic cuts off his earlier albums before presenting fresh selections from his latest studio album ‘Life Is Good’ at the Rock The Bells festival in Mountain View, California over the weekend.

“If I was ever to be a guy who threw a tour together, it would be this type of tour,” he explained to Rolling Stone. “It wouldn’t be anything pop; it would be everyone who claims hip-hop gets down on the stage, so you get the best show in the world. I couldn’t do it no other way.”

Watch Nas bid ex-wife Kelis a musical farewell while taking a fond look back at their wedding in the teaser clip for his new video “Bye Baby” below.