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jonte Your Daily Tang Multivitamin

The girls on your Tumblr dashboard could possibly never.

World renown zestlemen (he’s big in Japan, literally) Jonte stole the show at the ‘America’s Next Top Model: Girl, Just Make A Super Cunt Instagram Account – Cycle 19′ premiere inside the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Tuesday night (August 22).

Jonte will show fish how not to flop on the reality competition as a “movement mentor.”

No shade to the new-new Ms. J but I already have an online petition drafted demanding that Tevin Campbell be seriously considered for the gig next season.

The arsenal of new faces joining Ty Ty Baby to critique a new batch of college-aged catwalkers include high-powered fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone, male model Rob Evans and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek. Fashion blogger (and early C+D supporter!) Bryanboy rounds out the newbie squad as social media correspondent.

The College Edition premieres Friday at 8PM EST on The CW. Will you be watching?

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