Oprah Won’t Get Those Ratings Up With Lauryn Hill’s Help

lauryn1 Oprah Wont Get Those Ratings Up With Lauryn Hills Help

In working to make the OWN Network relevant to  younger audiences (read: your Facebook friends), Oprah‘s new formula of conducting high profile interviews with pop culture favorites has been a hit.

The Kardashians, Paris Jackson, Bobbi Kristina, 50 Cent, and most recently Rihanna have all nibbled crumpets with Lady O as she successfully gets them to spill tea all of their on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter.’

Well, Lauryn Hill isn’t here for that!

On Sunday, one of Oprah’s followers on Twitter demanded that she get Lauryn Hill to appear on the show, with Poprah replying back “I tried. She said no.”

Until the IRS came for L Boogie for their coins, she had been semi-tucked away from spotlight quite content with raising little Marleys and saying to hell with music. So it’s no shocker that she turned down Oprah’s invitation to answer questions about topics she clearly cares nothing about.

Now if Oprah really want to get those ratings up she might want to enroll in T.R.U. University and get Dean 2 Chainz on the couch!

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